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Ahn Yu Jin reveals herself as a luxury brand ambassador with her 4.45-million-won bag on “Earth Arcade 2”

“Earth Arcade 2” held a double celebration with IVE Ahn Yu Jin and Lee Young Ji becoming luxury brand ambassadors.

In the sixth episode of tvN’s entertainment program “Earth Arcade 2”, which aired on June 16th, a home party was held at Lee Eun Ji’s new house.

That day, the members gathered at Lee Eun Ji’s house for the first time in a while and spent time sharing how they had been doing. Lee Young Ji made everyone envious as she modeled for a sneaker brand and also became an ambassador for luxury brand C during that time.

ahn yujin

However, Lee Young Ji envied Lee Eun Ji’s house with a Han River view. Seeing Lee Young Ji’s reaction, Lee Eun Ji wondered, “Why did you envy me? It’s a monthly rent house. The house’s owner is another person. Why are you jealous of me?”, making everyone burst into laughter.

In response, Lee Young Ji said, “She also shot lots of advertisements”, saying Ahn Yu Jin also got many jobs.

The production team then handed over An Yu Jin‘s bag and made a sudden report. It was a luxury bag from Fendi, worth a whopping 4,450,000 won according to the brand’s official website.

Hearing that, the members decided to display the expensive bag of Ahn Yu Jin, who is currently an ambassador for lFendi, in front of the camera, saying, “We must show it in front of the screen”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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