Gavy NJ’s Jenny and Seorin denied being the idol rumored to have an affair with a married man 

Gavy NJ’s Jenny and Seorin were angry when they were assumed to be “the member of a three-member girl group born in 1988.” 

Recently, a post was made on an online community revealing that A, a former member of a three-member girl group born in 1988, had an affair with a married man. The person who posted the article is the wife of a married man who committed an affair. She claimed that A was pregnant with her husband’s child and demanded abortion fees. 

Gavy NJ Jenny and Seorin

Internet users’ speculation about the “three-member girl group member born in 1988” poured out in these disclosures. The names of Jenny and Seorin, who were born in 1988 and members of the trio Gavy NJ, were also mentioned. 

Jenny said on her Instagram on February 12th, “It’s so absurd that I’m being mentioned in a ridiculous article,” adding, “I don’t think I can postpone explaining myself, so I’m posting like this. These are all unbelievable guesses.”

Gavy NJ Jenny and Seorin

She then added, “I would like to inform you that I am collecting all relevant data and preparing for a serious response,” adding, “It’s not me. It’s not, so my acquaintances and fans, please don’t worry. And everyone, please stop now.”

Seorin also said on Instagram on the same day, “It’s a very unpleasant and absurd day,” and added, “I have nothing to do with the content of the article, and I sincerely hope you stop making reckless guesses without accurate information or facts.” 

Gavy NJ Jenny and Seorin

In addition, she showed strong responses, saying, “I thought it was not worth responding to because I never did anything illegal or shameful, but I’m writing a few words for my family, acquaintances, and fans who would be worried.”

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