Ahn So-hee Admitted She Wears Perfume All The Time To Cover The Smell Of Cigarettes

Ahn So-hee cited the smell of cigarettes as the reason why she wears perfume all the time these days.

Ahn So-hee captured her busy daily life with activities for her play “Closer” in a video uploaded on her YouTube channel on June 30.

In this video, Ahn introduced the items that she brings every day in her bag. Ahn first took out her lunch bag, called it “my chronic diet,” and explained that the menu includes eggs, pineapples, kiwis, and blueberries.

Following the tumbler, script, and pouch, Ahn So-hee took out two perfume bottles. The actress said, “I spray them whenever I get ready after changing clothes. I spray them at home when I go to work in the morning.”

Especially, “There is a smoking scene (in the play “Closure”), so after I smoke, there is a smell on my clothes. That’s why I spray it once in the middle of the scenes.”

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