Jeon Ji-hyun’s Mother-in-law/Top Designer Said NewJeans’ Hanni Brought Back Her Memories, “Min Hee-jin is a genius”

Lee Jung-woo, the mother-in-law of actress Jeon Ji-hyun, admired Hanni's"Aoi Sangosho" performance.

On June 30th, designer Lee Jung-woo posted a short video on her Instagram account with a message, “Ah… my heart… those days went back to my mind in an instant.” She also added a hashtag that said, “Min Hee-jin is a genius.”

Jeon Ji-hyun NewJeans Hanni

The video showed NewJeans’ Hanni performing the Japanese song “Aoi Sangosho” solo at the group’s recent fan meeting held at Tokyo Dome. On this day, the five members each performed a solo stage with different charms, and Hanni’s “Aoi Sangosho” stage received an explosive response from local fans.

“Aoi Sangosho” is one of Japanese top singer Seiko Matsuda’s representative songs. Released in July 1980, this song helped the singer swept the Rookie of the Year award and became the biggest star of her time.

Notably, Hanni’s performance has become a hot topic in Korea as it has climbed to the top of “Real Time Trend in Korea” on X (formerly Twitter). Designer Lee Jung-woo, Jeon Ji-hyun’s mother-in-law, also draws attention after showing her affection for Hanni’s performance.

Meanwhile, NewJeans successfully held their fan meeting “Bunnies Camp” at Tokyo Dome in Japan on June 26th and June 27th.

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