Red Velvet’s Joy “I Take 1,000 Selfies a Day + Over 16,000 Video Clips Stored”

Singer Joy was chosen as the member who takes the most selfies in Red Velvet

On June 30th, the YouTube channel “Idol Human Theater” released a video capturing a day in the life of girl group Red Velvet.

In the video, when asked “Which member do you think has the most selfies in their cellphone album?“, Joy was unanimously selected. Joy acknowledged, “I’m always taking selfies or I’m having others take photos of me.” When asked “How many do you take in a day?“, she replied, “I think as many as more than a thousand photos. Doesn’t everybody have this many?” She then checked her phone and revealed, “I have 176,773 photos and 16,442 video clips.” The other members expressed amazement, calling her a “monster created by Instagram”.

red velvet joy

Later, Joy created a heartfelt moment. She told fellow member Seulgi, who has a personality opposite to hers, “Whenever I talk to you, the things we talk about, from a different view… They’re new and shocking to me. They made me feel a lot of things.” She also thanked her fellow members, “I have lots of younger friends, and not many older ones. But I’m so thankful to have three older members.” This moment highlighted the strong bond that comes from years of being together.

red velvet joy

Viewers of the video reacted positively with comments such as “The 10-year camaraderie looks really comfortable“, “Red Velvet seems to enjoy each other’s company more than anything” and “I laughed and cried. Thank you for being together for 10 years without changing.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet recently celebrated their 10th debut anniversary with the release of “Cosmic”. The album topped iTunes charts in 41 regions, demonstrating their enduring popularity. Red Velvet is set to embark on an Asia tour fan concert starting in August.

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