aespa Under Fire Following Collaboration with McDonald’s

As McDonald’s Japan announced a collaboration with girl group aespa, the reactions of international fans have soured. 

On July 1, McDonald’s Japan published a video on their official X (Twitter) account, announcing a collaboration with girl group aespa. In the 30-second video, aespa members introduced various McDonald’s products, including new McCafe items. 

However, instead of celebrating aespa’s latest commercial deal, fans, especially those from the international side, are showing negative reactions. 

In particular, fans pointed out the alleged involvement of McDonald’s in the ongoing crisis in Palestine, as the franchise owner of the fast food chain in Israel is known to have shown support for Israel soldiers by donating hundreds of thousands of meals. 

aespa mc cafe

As a result, the fact that aespa is being affiliated with McDonald’s has angered fans, who are constantly protesting against this collaboration on SNS platforms such as X (Twitter). 

In fact, protesting posts with messages such as “We do NOT want AESPA or any of your artists to associate or promote STARBUCKS or McDonald’s” are being spread across social media platforms and receiving thousands of likes. 

Previously, another SM artist, NCT, also came under fire following their collaboration with another controversial chain – Starbucks. At the time, the boy group’s SNS accounts (including SNS account of individual members) lost up to 8 million of followers in total. 

Source: Krb, X

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