After only 30 minutes, the ban on Kris Wu was suddenly removed, what’s going on?

Netizens are extremely confused not knowing what happened to Kris Wu (Wu Yi Fan).

On the afternoon of July 20, the Chinese media spread information that the Youth Work Committee of the China Television Film Producers Association issued a written notice requesting the suspension of all cooperation and negotiation activities with Kris Wu.  This is said to be a ban on the male singer after a series of scandals.

However, the notice that was originally published in the ‘Youth’ magazine was suddenly deleted after less than 30 minutes.  Currently, netizens are extremely confused as to whether the ban will be implemented or not.

Currently, Cnets are expressing a harsh attitude and asking to clarify the case of Kris Wu.  One comment said: “If Kris Wu really broke the law, let’s join hands to get him out of the entertainment industry, for a clean environment and set an example for others.” 

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