After Irene’s scandal, the former idol revealed why idols often have conflict with their stylists: Does Irene deserve sympathy?

This female idol expressed a different perspective on Irene’s attitude scandal.

In recent days, Irene (Red Velvet)’s attitude scandal has become the focus of all the newspapers. Irene was criticized by the public for her rude behavior, insulting a stylist for 20 minutes.

However, second-generation K-pop star Crayon Pop’s Way gave her perspective on why idols often get into disagreements with their stylists. She gave another perspective on Irene’s story.

According to Way, the scandal shook the K-Pop world, but the conflict between idols and their stylists is not uncommon. The former idol explained that no idol works alone in the entertainment industry. Behind every star, numerous staff members are working on each schedule. However, in the end, the public will only enjoy the idol’s best appearance and performance. Therefore, obviously, idols will become the most sensitive people.

Of course, Way says that an idol is being “purely rude” to staff is unacceptable. However, she also explained that it’s not uncommon for idols to get into justified conflicts with their stylists. She shared a story of herself while still in Crayon Pop.

Specifically, Crayon Pop’s stylists often forgot to bring briefs for the members to wear under their skirts. Idol performance costumes are often very short, so briefs are a must-have item. Therefore, every time the stylists forgot to bring them, Way’s stress level and anger would skyrocket.

It is a small mistake for stylists, but for Way, having to wear a short skirt without briefs is a disaster. If there is a wardrobe malfunction, the idols will be responsible first. They will be criticized, even sexually harassed, even though it is the stylists’ fault. Therefore, when staff do not fulfill their work responsibilities, it is understandable that idols become angry.

Way admitted that people who have never been through that situation would think that idols are being oversensitive or irrationally upset in such situations. However, for someone who has experienced it, it is an extremely uncomfortable situation. Of course, acting too rude, offending others is unacceptable, but from Way’s perspective, she understands Irene’s plight. The leader of Red Velvet might be angry at the stylist’s mistakes, leading to uncontrollable actions.

Sources: koreaboo

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