Former LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam’s current whereabouts after school violence controversy

The recent whereabouts of Kim Garam, who left LE SSERAFIM after facing school violence accusations, have been revealed.

A recent photo shows Kim Garam taking a group photo with her friends at Seoul Performing Arts High School (SOPA).

kim ga ram

Born in 2005, Kim Garam is 19 years old this year and appears to have taken a photo ahead of graduation. With a long neck and a small face, Kim Garam stood out among her friends.

Previously, in April of last year, numerous online posts surfaced regarding Kim Garam’s school violence, sparking controversy.


Initially, Kim Garam’s agency, HYBE, denied the allegations of school violence and her involvement in a school clique, taking the position that Kim Garam was actually the victim.

However, when a photo with Kim Garam’s name written in a notification document from the school violence prevention committee was revealed, the controversy grew bigger.

kim ga ram

According to the document, at that time, Kim Garam received Level 5 discipline, which entails leaving a record in the student file for two years and mandatory psychological treatment and special education by a professional counselor.

Eventually, Kim Garam terminated the exclusive contract and withdrew from LE SSERAFIM only three months after debut.


Afterward, on social media, news about Kim Garam’s current situation attending the Acting Department of Seoul Performing Arts High School (SOPA) surfaced, along with rumors that “she is working part-time” and so on.

Source: Nate

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