Queendom 2 Brave Girls cried when facing the threat of being eliminated “We can’t do it even if we try?”

When Brave Girls were on the verge of elimination, they could not hide their regret.

The latest episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2,” which aired on April 28th, revealed each team’s situation after the 2nd competition.

brave girls

Hyolyn, who ranked first once again in the second competition with an all-kill, and LOONA, who withdrew from the first competition due to a health situation but ranked second in the second competition, cheered each other and celebrated their good performance.

WJSN searched for the audience’s reviews and looked at their reactions. Some audiences criticized WJSN for ignoring the existing image of the song and their own advantages while choosing the concept. Exy said, “It was a totally different direction from the original song in the first place, so there is no choice but to accept that there would be different reactions about it,” but she was bitter at such reactions. As the members received the reaction that they didn’t want to hear the most, they couldn’t hide their regret but strengthened their will for the next stage.

brave girls

VIVIZ was also disappointed with their result, which is 4th place, and Brave Girls‘ waiting room, who ranked 6th, was full of sighs. Yoo-jung said, “Are we that bad? I thought it was a good one,” she said, upset that the results did not turn out to be as good as the effort they put in.

Brave Girls are on the verge of being eliminated in disgrace as they ranked sixth in the global voting and sixth in the second competition as well. Min-young said, “We can’t do it even if we try? Can we not come in last place?” she said with tears.

brave girls

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