Kpop idols who are the “diplomats” of their groups

Internationally famous Kpop groups always have at least one member in charge of speaking English. 

Kpop has long transpired outside the borders of Korea, and is now well-known across the globe. As a result, entertainment agencies always want to scout foreign members who can easily connect with international audiences. 

SM’s newest girl group aespa consists of Karina, Giselle, Winter, and NingNing. Out of the four members, Giselle, who is half-Korean and half-Japanese, can speak English really well and often takes over the conversation when the foreign language is required. 

Giselle is not only the main rapper of aespa, but also the group’s diplomat. 

Before debuting with aespa, Giselle used to attend an international school in Japan, and study abroad in the US, making her a fluent English-speaker. With this ability, Giselle was the aespa member who communicated the most with fans on the stage of Coachella

Thanks to Gisella, aespa can converse with their international fans. 
Giselle used to attend a famous international school in Japan.

Fans of BLACKPINK are always proud of their four gorgeous and talented idols, who happen to be experts in English as well. Of the group, Jennie and Rosé are frequent English speakers whenever BLACKPINK travels overseas. 

In particular, Jennie used to study in New Zealand before pursuing her idol life, and thus can speak as well as a native speaker.  With her natural accent, the main rapper of BLACKPINK never struggles when mingling with Western media, personalities, and international fans. 

Friends with many US celebrities, Jennie never forgets to hang out with them whenever she’s in the country. On April 16, the idol attended Coachella with the DJ duo Simi & Haze.
Jennie has a lot of non-Korean friends thanks to her language ability. 

Meanwhile, Rosé was born and raised in New Zealand and Australia, and English is basically her first language. In English interviews, the idol always impresses the audience with her confidence, fluency, and natural accent. 

Rose Blackpink
Born and raised in New Zealand and Australia, Rosé can speak English easily. 
For ENHYPHEN, their designated diplomat is none other than Jake, who grew up in Australia. 

With more foreign members than Korean ones, (G)-IDLE can easily communicate with their international fans. Among them, Minnie and Yuqi are fluent English speakers. 

Minnie was born in a prestigious family in Thailand, and was educated at the nation’s leading academies. Therefore, her English level is a given. 
Chinese member Yuqi is also highly regarded for her English fluency and nice intonation. 

For BTS, the diplomat is obviously the group’s leader RM. The idol scored 915/990 in the TOEIC test (a global standardized test for English proficiency), which is a prime evidence of his English speaking ability. In September 2018, RM even gave a speech on behalf of BTS on the stage of the United Nations, and earned plenty of praise for his confident manner and well-structured speech. 

BTS-RM-Grammy 2022
RM is both the leader and the diplomat of BTS

TXT is also making a strong impression among international and domestic fans. One of the reasons for their success lies in the English proficiency of Huening Kai and Yeonjun. Meanwhile, Wendy is the one in charge of English in Red Velvet. 

Huening Kai
Huening Kai is half Korean, half German, and used to live in Hawaii. 
On the other hand, Yeonjun once resided in the USA.
red velvet wendy
The main vocalist Wendy of Red Velvet is in charge of English with her native-level proficiency. 

Kpop idols these days are not only talented and gorgeous, but can also speak foreign languages well. Having a member in charge of English can help them connect more easily to international fans, and improve their popularity in foreign countries. 

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