aespa’s Winter went viral for her stunning visuals with new long and wavy black hair: Does she look like Red Velvet Irene?

The latest photos of Winter during a concert are currently drawing much attention online. 

So far, although aespa has only debuted for less than a year, Winter has changed her hairstyle and color several times. Winter was first introduced to the public with long blonde hair. She kept her blonde hair throughout the promotions for aespa’s debut song “Black Mamba” up until the ballad single “Forever“. Earlier in May of this year, when aespa made a comeback with “Next Level“, Winter transformed her image by having a bob haircut. She dyed her hair black with platinum blonde highlights.

aespa winter

During aespa’s most recent comeback with the first mini album “Savage”, Winter continued to have a bob haircut with black hair, but this time she had bangs. 

aespa winter

Most recently, when aespa performed at the “World K-Pop Concert 2021” on November 14, Winter brought a surprise to fans by changing her hairstyle once again. For the first time since debut, Winter appeared in public with long wavy black hair and this new look quickly helped her go viral.

Although many people still prefered Winter in short hair, it is undeniable that she looked stunningly beautiful with this new image. Preview photos and videos of Winter at “World KPOP Concert 2021” are being spread widely on all media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and various other online communities with enthusiastic reactions from Korean netizens.

Moreover, people also pointed out some moments in which Winter resembles much of a senior who is also under SM Entertainment – Red Velvet Irene. However, other netizens argued that both Winter and Irene are beautiful, but they have different vibes.

Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • Personally, I love Winter’s short hair more but she still looks so pretty in long hair
  • She’s so beautiful… Winter really suits this hairstyle
  • Winter looks cute in short hair but long hair makes her more attractiveㅠㅠ
  • I don’t know if it was because of her long hair that makes Winter looks like Irene so much
  • Winter is beautiful with both styles
  • I’m a fan of male idols but I always think Winter is the prettiest member in aespa
  • Why are people saying she looks like Irene?… I don’t find any similarity between them ㅋㅋ… No one can beat Irene when it comes to visual
  • Winter is so pretty in long hair, but she doesn’t look like Irene at all
  • Winter’s visual today is really a legend
  • Both Winter and Irene are pretty but I don’t think they look alike
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