aespa records a high number of pre-order album sales, what about ITZY?

aespa continues to prove that they are a dominant Kpop 4th generation girl group, surpassing their rival – ITZY.

On October 5, various Korean media outlets reported on the huge number of pre-order album sales that aespa achieved. SM then quickly issued an official confirmation that the mini-album Savage has recorded 401,088 pre-order copies.

itzy aespa
aespa achieved great results with the number of pre-order album sales 

Over 400,000 copies is an impressive number for any girl group in Kpop, especially for a rookie like aespa. As expected, after the hit “Next Level”, the group’s popularity has reached another level. With this outstanding achievement, aespa can not only compare with their famous seniors in the Kpop rankings, but also outdid their opponent in the 4th generation – ITZY.

itzy aespa
ITZY debuted first and has been leading the 4th generation girl groups but now the JYP group’s position is being threatened by the spectacular growth of aespa

While aespa has an admirable pre-order sales that is widely reported by the media, until now, ITZY still keeps this number a secret. No one knows the exact number of pre-order sales of ITZY’s album at different stores. The only pre-order sales of ITZY announced by Ktwon4U was quite low, only 28,225 copies. Meanwhile, aespa records more than 130,000 pre-order copies on this online store, 4 times higher than the JYP’s group.

This has caused many netizens to suspect JYP of not publishing the number of ITZY’s pre-order sales because it is not very impressive.

itzy aespa
ITZY’s pre-order sales on Ktown4U are modest
itzy aespa
While aespa set a new record and became the first 4th generation girl group to reach more than 130 thousand pre-order copies

Even setting aside the above comparison, there’s a high chance that aespa will soon surpass ITZY’s first-week album sales. In the first week after release, ITZY sold 259,705 copies, which is an impressive number. However, if nothing changes, more than 400,000 copies of aespa’s album are delivered on time, the SM girls will achieve a number of sales that nearly double ITZY’s record.

itzy aespa
ITZY’s increasing album sales record, something that is worth being proud of, is about to be broke by aespa

Source: k14

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