Nam Taehyun shared his opinion on leaving YG

Nam Taehyun, who was welcomed by fans in tvN’s “In-Laws In Practice”, broadcast on Wednesday, has caught a lot of attention.

However, he also appeared in Netflix’s “YG Future Strategy Office” and expressed his antipathy toward some fans.

Nam Taehyun said in August: “I felt a sense of disconcertment because I felt that I was being treated too badly by a big agency. But they made me stronger, I don’t regret deciding to act solo. I will never regret it. My motto is that never regret once you have chosen something.

Bearing this in mind, the former member of Winner from YG Entertainment, who left the company, said that he could not understand YG’s entertainers through “In-Laws In Practice”.

It seems to take more time to see what he has prepared for his comeback.

Sources: tfnews

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