Dating show contestant receives a hot response for looking like Han So Hee and Kim Tae Ri 

A female cast member in “Love Catcher in Bali” caught the attention of netizens.

Lee Yoo Jung, a participant of TVING’s dating show “Love Catcher in Bali”, which premiered on November 18th, is gaining keen attention. 

Lee Yoo Jung Love Catcher in Bali

In the first episode, Lee Yoo Jung received one vote in the anonymous likeability vote even without self-introduction. The studio panelists praised Lee Yoo Jung’s appearance, saying, “She reminds me of Kim Tae Ri and Han So Hee.”

Lee Yoo Jung Love Catcher in Bali

After the broadcast ended, netizens left comments: 

  • “Her side profile looks like Han So Hee”
  • “She’s like Han So Hee + Song Hye Kyo”
  • “She gives off the vibes of Han So Hee + Danielle”
  • “Han So Hee + YooA”
  • “Why can a commoner be so pretty?”
  • “She reminds me of Kim Tae Ri.”
Lee Yoo Jung Love Catcher in Bali

“Love Catcher in Bali” is a reality dating show with 9 cast members filmed in Bali.

Source: wikitree

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