aespa exude passion and confidence, left Kwangya and arrive in “Real World”

Girl group aespa, who returned after the longest hiatus since their debut, showed confidence in their new album.

A press conference was held at the COEX Auditorium in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of May 8th to commemorate the release of aespa’s third mini album “MY WORLD”.


aespa, which has been active mainly with songs with intense warrior-like songs from their debut song “Black Mamba” to “Next Level” and “Savage”, heralded a new music color with the new album.

Regarding this, Karina said, “We were mainly active in Kwangya with warrior-like looks, but this time we came to the real world and tried to give you a younger and more free-spirited feeling.”


She added, “The spectrum and music that we can show have broadened. We’re looking forward to showing another side of ourselves after coming to the real world.”

Meanwhile, aespa’s third mini album “MY WORLD” and the music video for the title song “Spicy” were released at 6 PM on the same day.

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