Why do ENHYPEN quit the “Hyphen” phase? Seven boys who have hit a gear-shifting point 

ENHYPEN will face a big changing point through their third mini-album “MANIFESTO: DAY 1.” 

ENHYPEN posted a photo of the tracklist from their new album on SNS on Jun 27th. Aside from the title song “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)”, other tracks such as “WALK THE LINE”, “ParadoXXX Invasion“, “TFW (That Feeling When),” “SHOUT OUT” and “Foreshadow” are also introduced. 

What stands out in this album is that the title song doesn’t have a hyphen (-) in its name. ENHYPEN has been adding a hyphen to their title tracks from their debut song “Given-Taken” to “Drunk-Dazed”, “Tamed-Dashed” and “Blessed-Cursed”.  


The hyphen (-) is an important meaning for ENHYPEN. It was a line that connected contrasting words, but it was also a process of finding the right answer and the worries of these young boys. “Given-Taken” is a concern about whether the opportunity to debut is given to the members or taken by themselves.  

“Drunk-Dazed” is the honest feeling they feel (drunk and dazed) after experiencing a new world after debut. “Tamed-Dashed” depicts boys who are confused about their identity after learning about their desires. This song depicts a rebellious desire to be loved and to be free from people’s eyes, relaying the question of “Will I be tamed by desire? Will I be thrown out of desire?”  


“Blessed-Cursed” is a song by boys who have got out of conditions and restraints. All the conditions are given to them and the order of the world that tried to tame them was considered Blessed, but now they know that all of them are cursed by those. “Blessed-Cursed” is the song where they found the answer to their life, which is being themselves and taking responsibility for their own decisions. 

The fact that ENHYPEN no longer uses the hyphen (-) means they are taking a step forward. ENHYPEN, which has succeeded in the series “BORDER” and “DIMENSION,” is determined to pursue another future by considering their own new connection methods rather than following the proven existing ones.


This is also connected to ENHYPEN’s logo this year. With the message of ‘END HYPHEN, ENHYPEN’, they expressed their intention to leave behind the incomprehensible methods and systems of the past and create new connections for the future generations.

The new album marks that new beginning. Through ‘MANIFESTO: DAY 1’, ENHYPEN plans to convincingly portray how they become the world’s main character and choose their life according to their will.


Since their debut, ENHYPEN has been drawing keen attention by incorporating stories into their albums. The group’s new album is expected to get a lot of sympathy from the MZ generation as ENHYPEN expresses the confusion, worries, conflicts and various emotions of teenagers through their dance and music. 

In the lyric video for the pre-release track ‘WALK THE LINE’ that starts the album, ENHYPEN said, “We will draw a new world line and within that world, we will connect all of us.”

Contrary to the past when they had to adapt to the given future, it is now implied that they are deciding their own future within a new world line. In particular, this continues with the song ‘Intro: Walk the Line’ from ENHYPEN’s debut album.


By drawing a strikethrough in the title, ENHYPEN conveys the message, ‘We will not follow established rules, but cross the line and enter a world of our own.’ Attention is drawn to the story told by ENHYPEN, who is no longer following the line, but has become one who draws the line themselves.

Source: daum

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