aespa Karina mentions her 5-year-older sister, “I’ve never fought with her before”

aespa member Karina revealed some anecdotes she had with her older sister.

aespa Karina appeared in a content video uploaded on the Youtube channel “Pixid” and mentioned her sister, who is five years older than her.


That day, Karina hid her identity as a person with a sister among people with brothers. She shared, “I’ve watched lots of K-dramas and I’ve seen lots of siblings fight. I’ll do my best to make use of that and pretend that I have a big brother”.

When asked, “Have you ever had a huge fight with your brother?”, Karina nervously shared, “I’ve never fought with my sister before”. Therefore, she shyly texted, “When I was little, I got in the way of my brother watching TV and he hit me with the remote”.


Karina explained, “This was a true story. My sister was watching TV and I jumped in front of it and teased her. Then she threw the remote at me. I just thought of that and replaced my sister with a brother”.

Later, she almost got caught having a sister when because of the message “My brother bought the emoticons for me”.

As others began to suspect her due to that message, Karina confessed, “My sister actually bought that emoticon for me. I just replaced ‘sister’ with ‘brother’ but they were all in disbelief. I was surprised that they don’t even do that much. I was taken aback”.


On another broadcast in the past, Karina once revealed that her older sister is a nurse. She said, “People at my sister’s workplace don’t know that I’m her little sister. She doesn’t tell anyone about that and just keeps it a secret”, adding “There’s a cafe below that place where my sister works. She told me that she felt awkward when her colleagues sang along to aespa’s songs played at the cafe”.

Source: Naver

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