“Please Contact Me…” CAP, Recently Departed from Teen Top, Validates ‘Customer Review’ on Social Media

Former Teen Top member CAP (Bang Min Soo) has drawn attention with his recent whereabouts.

On the 14th, CAP posted a photo on his Instagram, revealing his current situation.


He wrote, “It’s fun to do some gardening after a long time. If anyone really needs lawn mowing or weed removal, please contact me.”

The photo that was shared showed a backyard of a house. CAP appeared to have personally taken care of the lawn mowing and weed removal. He added, “It’s not for free, guys.”

Furthermore, he shared a customer review of his work, expressing his pride. The customer wrote, “He arrived right on time and did the job extremely neatly. He also cleaned up well afterward, and his work speed is fast. The best.” In response, CAP expressed his satisfaction by saying, “I feel proud.”


Previously, CAP faced controversy for using profanity and inappropriate behavior during a live broadcast.

At that time, he stated, “This might sound like an unbelievable thing to all of you, but I’m considering not making a comeback. My (agency) contract ends in July,” and added, “If I have to go back hiding myself when I make a comeback, I’d rather not do it. It seems psychologically difficult for me. I don’t know if I’ll go back even if it means doing manual labor.”

Following the growing controversy, his agency revealed the termination of CAP’s contract along with his departure from Teen Top. CAP himself also posted an apology letter, explaining the reasons behind his actions.


CAP mentioned, “I knew this would happen. My original intention was to leave. I knew people would react like this when I said those words. I don’t think I did anything wrong. I apologize for lying to the fans. I acted dramatically because I felt like the contract would be extended.”

Lowering his head to his fellow members and the company, he confessed, “Since our debut, I’ve already felt that being an idol is not my true calling. That’s why I tried to quit twice. But due to the efforts of people around me and my inability to refuse, I ended up doing it for 14 years,” and continued, “I also felt a sense of inferiority from the members. Even if I tried not to care, they would ignore me during fan meetings and go to other members. Accumulating such experiences made it difficult for me.”

Source: wikitree

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