Actress Faces Personality Controversy and Discord Rumor with Co-star after 20 Years of No Scandals

This actress, who has been active without any scandals since her debut in 2001, suddenly got embroiled in a personality controversy

On December 12, media outlet Star Today reported that Chen Chia-hwa (also known as Ella) caused difficulties for her co-star and the production team of a new drama. She reportedly expressed anger towards her male co-star, actor Wang Shih-hsien, who did not attend the drama’s preview, leading to rumors labeling her as “a diva on set”.

In particular, the Taiwanese drama “Doctor Lifesaver” (translate title) recently held a gala preview, but both Chen Chia-hwa and Wang Shih-hsien, who are co-stars, were absent. According to reports, Chen Chia-hwa did not attend because Wang Shih-hsien did not show up.

After skipping the preview, Chen Chia-hwa’s side stated, “It is difficult to attend due to another matter that needs preparation.” However, an internal source claimed that in reality, Chen Chia-hwa believed it didn’t make sense for her to attend the preview without the male lead Wang Shih-hsien. 

According to Star Today, Wang Shih-hsien, who was filming in Tainan, could not take leave to attend the preview. When Chen Chia-hwa did not attend, he was reportedly angered by the actress’ attempt to use him as an excuse.

Furthermore, according to insiders, this is not the first time Chen Chia-hwa has put the production team of “Doctor Life Saver” in a difficult situation. After taking on the role of the female lead, she made many demands, from requesting a better hotel than her fellow co-stars to being particular about working hours and the distance between the hotel and the filming location. Throughout the shooting, she kept her distance from her fellow colleagues, and when they invited her to meals, she declined and returned to the hotel to rest.

Meanwhile, Chen Chia-hwa, who has been scandal-free and enjoying a long career as one of Taiwan’s stars since her debut, has disappointed fans with this “personality controversy”. 

Source: Daum

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