Actor Seo In Guk revealed his ideal lover: “I prefer smart over pretty women”

The highly talented Seo In Guk, who achieved success in both singing and acting, expressed that his mother influenced his ideal type.

Seo In Guk is a pretty emotional child, who has always appreciated and looked up to his mother. The mother, who was not born to a wealthy family, collected discarded items and materials and sold them to provide for her family. She’d continue to do this even after Seo In Guk gained popularity. 

In an interview with Allkpop, the singer-actor said: “I wanted my mother to live comfortably but she insists on working, claiming that she’d get sick if she does nothing. Personally, I think I inherit my workaholic attitude from her.”

Seo In-guk
Seo In Guk prefers older women

Having always considered his mother a role model, Seo In Guk later gifted his parents $90,000 worth of cash that he won from the singing contest Superstar K. In addition, the actor later opened a café in his hometown Ulsan for his mother, “so that she can live out her dreams.”

Meanwhile, the actor’s biggest hobby is simply to eat. This was confirmed in his interview with Daegorr’s The Celebrity, where Seo In Guk expressed that he “grew excited and rejoiced at the sight of strawberry banana juice.”

Seo In-guk

In another interview with GQ Korea, the actor also revealed that his go-to stress relievers are chick, meat, chocolate, and sweets. He also never drinks unless the situation requires him to. In addition, Seo In Guk is extremely proud of his dimples, even calling them his “secret weapons”.

When asked about his ideal type on SBS’s Snack Channel, Seo In Guk claimed that since junior high school, he has been fond of older women. According to the actor, he was influenced by his parents, who were 7 years apart, and always admired his mother, who was older. Now that he has grown up, such a liking remains the same. 

“To me, age doesn’t matter in love”, the actor shared during an interview with One TV Asia. “I prefer smart over pretty women” 

Source: Zing

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