BTS RM: “I’m planning to create a space to display my art collection”

BTS RM said that he plans to display his art collection.

On June 29th, RM introduced the process of his debut as a singer as well as his great success as a BTS member on the U.S. podcast The Art Basel. The media outlet released the first 28 minutes of the interview with RM online.

RM replied in fluent English. He started, “I’m in my studio in Seoul. It’s 7 p.m. here.” Then he recalled the past, “At the age of 16, a rapper named Sleepy introduced me to CEO Bang Si-hyuk, and I became the first trainee of the group. At that time, I forgot my lyrics on the stage. I was so nervous so I sucked. Fortunately, it seems that Sleepy saw my potential.”


Regarding BTS’ prominence in the global market 5 years ago, he shared, “It was possible thanks to ARMYs. ARMYs promoted our songs by sending song requests to local radio shows. Because the number of radio broadcasts is important on the Billboard chart.” He described this process as a hurricane and added, “I didn’t want to get excited through art and I didn’t want to get crazy about these things (achievements or popularity).”

He also introduced that he fell in love with art 4 years ago while on tour in the United States and Europe. He confessed, “I went to the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018 and saw paintings by great artists such as Monet and Picasso.”


When asked by DJ “Do you have any plans to open a museum of RM, Kim Nam-joon?”, he burst into laughter and answered, “I need curators and it’ll be difficult in many ways. However, I’m planning to create a small space to display my own private collection. And maybe, just a cafe on the first floor, and set up my collection on the second and third floor.”

Source: Nate

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