Actor Jang Ki-yong, who is currently serving in the military, shared his feelings after drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” ended

Jang Ki-yong delivered his thoughts after the final episode of SBS-TV’s drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” (written by Je In, directed by Lee Gil-bok) was aired.

Now, We Are Breaking Up” ended on January 8th. Ha Young-eun (Song Hye-kyo) stayed in Seoul instead of leaving for Paris. The drama was closed with an open ending by showing Young-eun meeting Yoon Jae-guk (Jang Ki-yong) again in the final scene.

Jang Ki-yong Now We Are Breaking Up ending

According to the rating survey company Nielsen Korea, the 15th episode recorded a rating of 7.1% in the Seoul area. Its highest real-time rating soared up to 9.4%. Moreover, it topped the 2049 rating chart of dramas aired on Saturday.

Jang Ki-yong Now We Are Breaking Up ending

Jang Ki-yong expressed his feelings, saying, “This work is like a challenge to me”, adding, “I encountered twists and turns at first, but was able to finish the filming safely thanks to the support of the director, the writer, and senior actors who acted together with me.” He continued, “I’m just feeling so grateful. I was truly happy to be able to work with so many great people”, adding, “Please look forward to Jang Ki-yong in his 30s who will become more mature.”

Jang Ki-yong Now We Are Breaking Up ending

Meanwhile, Jang Ki-yong enlisted on August 23rd last year. He is expected to be discharged from the military on February 22nd, 2023, after fulfilling his duty for the Ministry of National Defense.


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