K-netizens select idols with the most beautiful vocal colors: SM’s vocal line get the most votes

Korean netizens share their different thoughts on which Kpop idol has the most impressive vocal colors.

In addition to vocal techniques, fans also pay attention to the emotions and vocal colors of Kpop singers. Those with outstanding and unique vocal colors are often given the “killing-parts” of the songs. Recently, Korean netizens have selected Kpop idols they think have the best vocal colors. Let’s see if you share the same thoughts as Korean fans! 

The idol who gets mentioned the most by Korean netizens is NCT’s Haechan. He is a member of both major subunits of NCT, NCT Dream and NCT 127. Listeners can easily recognize Haechan’s voice in NCT’s songs because of his soothing, sweet yet unmistakable vocal color. Haechan’s vocal also has an excellent flexibility as it suits both exciting, upbeat tracks and songs with soft melodies. This makes it easy for the refreshing and boyish Haechan of NCT Dream to “transform” into a mature and attractive Haechan of NCT 127.

Idols with beautiful vocal colors
Haechan is appreciated by K-netizens for his unique vocal color
  • Haechan.
  • Everyone, check out Haechan’s voice. His vocal color is amazing.
  • Haechan of course. The only idol whose voice I fell in love with.
  • Honestly, it has to be Haechan.
Haechan’s outstanding voice in NCT’s songs

Another male idol from SM, EXO’s D.O. is the second most mentioned name in this topic. In terms of skills, D.O. is not considered the best vocalist in EXO, but he attracts listeners with his mesmerizing vocal color. D.O. has a deep, warm and sexy voice that especially matches well with RnB songs. 

Idols with beautiful vocal colors
D.O. has a unique voice color in EXO
  • D.O..
  • I’m an SM fan so my picks are Haechan, Renjun, D.O., Joy, Winter.
Rose – D.O.

It is undeniable that when it comes to vocals, SM idols always come out on top. Not only owning strong vocalists with great vocal range, SM is the home to many idols with beautiful vocal colors. Besides Haechan and D.O., there are also Renjun (NCT Dream), Joy (Red Velvet), Winter (aespa), Jungwoo (NCT 127)

Idols with beautiful vocal colors
Idols with beautiful vocal colors
Idols with beautiful vocal colors

Besides SM artists, some other names like Changsub (BTOB), Yeonjun (TXT), Eunha (GFRIEND), Hoshi (SEVENTEEN) are worthy to mention. However, Jungkook and V from BTS are the most controversial ones. With equal upvotes and downvotes, it is not easy to classify them two.

Idols with beautiful vocal colors
Jungkook and V are highly praised by netizens for their beautiful vocal colors

As for Jungkook, he is BTS’s main vocalist and thus possesses the most emotional vocal in BTS. He has a powerful voice with a smooth and sounding vocal control, which brings comfort for listeners. His emotive singing definitely touches the listeners’ hearts. 

Jungkook with his famous song “Still With You”

V, by contrast, has a nice low-tone voice. Despite the imperfect vocal techniques, his unique warm voice helps V convey the emotion through melodious ballad songs. 

Christmas Tree – V

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