“You can’t weigh more than 42kg,” Oh My Girl talked about their agency forced diet

In their eighth year since debut, Oh My Girl’s Hyo-jung and Binnie criticized how their agency has forced them to go on diet.

Is Jjung’s home empty

On Jan 6th, on the YouTube channel DUM DUM STUDIO, the 23rd episode of  the web entertainment show “Is Jjung’s home empty?” hosted by Oh My Girl‘s Hyo-jung and Binnie?’ was released.

New girl group Billie’s members Moon Soo-ah and Soo-hyun, who appeared as guests of the episode, were excited, saying it was their first time eating meat in a really long time.

Binnie recalled her early debut days, feeling sorry for her junior’s words that she had not been able to eat meat for a long time due to their diet.

Binnie also confessed that her agency prevented her from going to the mart. 

Billie members also agreed that they are limited from going to the mart even before their debut.

However, Binnie said, “It’s all useless,” adding, “Even if the agency doesn’t restrict us, we will realize that later and manage it by ourselves”.

Hyo-jung, who was hearing from the side, also nodded at Binnie‘s words and confessed that the agency even told her the weight that she should not exceed.

Hyo-jung, known to be 158cm tall, said she would be scolded if she exceeded 44kg at that time, adding that she had to lose weight if she exceeded the allowed weight.

Binnie is known to be 161cm tall and only weighed 42kg.

Moon Soo-ah and Soo-hyun were greatly surprised by the revelation of Oh My Girl members that they were forced to be thin. 

In response, Hyo-jung and Binnie reassured their juniors, saying, “(But) we have never kept that weight restriction,” drawing laughter.

Is Jjung’s home empty

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