Viewers disappointed with the open ending of Song Hye Kyo’s “Now, We Are Breaking Up”

The ending of Now, We Are Breaking Up makes netizens wonder why Song Hye Kyo accepted this role?

SBS’s Fri-Thu drama Now, We Are Breaking Up has come under controversy since its first broadcast due to its underwhelming storyline. Song Hye Kyo‘s role is also deemed not outstanding enough compared to her previous characters. The drama premiered to a promising start but continued to go downhill in terms of viewership. The lowest rating recorded was below 5%. Viewers were looking forward to a happy, satisfactory ending for Song Hye Kyo’s reputation to be somewhat saved, but the finale was still a disappointment.

Now We Are Breaking Up ending

In the last episode, the main leads are still “breaking up”.  They go separate ways, Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) pursues her dreams, while Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong) travels around, doing what he likes. Years later, in the final scene, they meet again, smile at each other with fondness on their faces and the drama ends. Although this is considered a happy ending, most viewers say it is a total letdown. There is not a single scene of the leading couple greeting each other, holding hands or hugging while the supporting couple almost has a bed scene. Not to mention compared to the previous 15 episodes, this ending gives no closure, everything feels vague and frustrating. 

Now We Are Breaking Up ending

On social networks, the drama’s ending made the audience angry. Countless netizens left criticism for the writer. Others don’t understand why Song Hye Kyo accepted such a bad script.

Audience comments:

  • Really really love Kyo but I don’t understand why she chose this drama. Really can’t feel the romance of the 2 main characters because they have too little time to appear together.
  • Although I really like the main couple, I gave up from episode 12. Such a bad script
  • Will never watch any drama of screenwriter Lee Gil Bok, they all turn bad at the end
  • Actually, this can be considered a happy ending, Young Eun said that if she meets Guk again, she won’t let him go. 
  • Song Hye Kyo, please tell us you were forced to accept the role
Now We Are Breaking Up ending


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