“950,000 KRW (712 USD) per night?” Accommodation reservations for BTS Busan concert are being canceled, causing controversy

As a full-fledged free concert by idol group BTS will be held in Busan, commercial tactics aimed at this event seem to be continuing, adding to the already negative atmosphere.

Recently, on several online communities and SNS, articles pointing out the prices of accommodations in Busan continuously appear.

In particular, the price of accommodation as of October 15th, when BTS’s 2030 Busan Expo bid concert is held, is well above the average. In addition, many point out that some accommodations in Busan are even canceling existing reservations.

In fact, users on Twitter are saying that they had already booked their accommodations in Busan but were canceled unilaterally.

These netizens said, “My accommodation has been canceled. They said it was just a personal situation,” “They unilaterally canceled my reservation and raised the price and put it back up again,” “My accommodation is canceled, and the reason is unknown,” “How can the price be 950,000 KRW (712 USD) per night on Oct 15th?” and “I already filed a complaint with Busan City.

In addition, those who heard the news responded that it was absurd, saying, “BTS does the concert, but other people earn money,” “What’s the meaning of this If the accommodation fee is higher for a free concert,” “Be conscientious,” and “Where should I report this?”

BTS will hold the concert “BTS ‘Yet To Come’ in Busan” on October 15th to bid for the host of the 2030 Busan World Expo. The performance will be held at a special venue with 100,000 people.

Due to this BTS concert, countless fans are expected to flock to the Busan area. As a result, the surrounding commercial districts are expected to enjoy the ‘BTS effect‘.

However, it has been discovered that some lodging businesses are canceling their accommodation reservations to intentionally raise the price. As a result, the damage to people who need such accommodations, such as BTS fans, is expected to continue further, adding to the already negative atmosphere surrounding the concert.

Source: nate

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