A woman claims to “use drugs together with a famous rapper”

A woman in her 20s who ran out of a hotel early in the morning claimed to have taken drugs together with a famous rapper.

On Jan 29th, KBS reported that at 2:10 AM the day before, in front of a convenience store in Mapo-gu, Seoul, the police received a citizen’s report saying, “A woman came running and asked for her life to be saved.”

According to the report, the woman told the police, “At a nearby hotel, a man and I put brown powder (believed to be hemp) into hookah equipment and inhaled it. Afterwards, I ran away because I was afraid of abnormal reactions, such as my heart beating too much.”

A woman claims to "use drugs together with a famous rapper"

However, the above-mentioned man denied taking drugs, “The woman said that because she was too drunk.” The man is known to be a famous rapper who appeared on a cable channel’s hip-hop audition program.

The woman tested “negative” in a simple drug test, but the police collected urine and hair to ask the National Forensic Service for a thorough examination. The men will also be called in soon to collect samples needed for the drug reaction test.

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