A student of LACHICA Gabi gave a review of Gabi’s dance class, “She’s kind, but I was surprised by her strong image on the show”

Netizens have currently paid their attention to the review from a student who attended a dance class by Lachica’s leader Gabi from “Street Woman Fighter”

On September 29, a post was uploaded on an online community titled “Review of ‘Street Woman FighterGabi’s dance class”. The author of this post, A, wrote like this in the beginning, “If there is something I can tell you as a student of instructor Gabi…”


A continued, “I really enjoyed Ms. Gabi’s class, and she takes really good care of the students.” A explained, “She’s actually a kind and caring person in real life, so I was surprised to see her appeared with a strong image on Street Woman Fighter.” This person also told about how Gabi taught her students to dance.

It is said that Gabi often uses the word “bbom“. A explained, “She loves using the word “bbom” like she often said, ‘Kids, I want to see you bbom more powerful” or ‘Show more bbom”.

This student also praised Gabi’s professionalism, saying, “She always tries to teach me the basic moves of dancing steps by steps. She also places importance on the individuality of her students. We all know the dances because we learn together. However, even if it’s the same move, she sets different directions for each student so that they could express their own characteristics.”


A also explained that they talked a lot about confidence. A added, “If you act strangely on the first day of the class, like saying, ‘I understand why you’re doing this after watching the show’, she would say, ‘So what? Why can’t enjoy it? Show me your bbom'”

Lastly, A concluded by saying, “Anyway, she’s a funny and friendly instructor.”

In response, netizens burst into laughter because of Gabi’s unexpected personality as she came out with a charismatic and strong image on “Street Woman Fighter”. They commented, “As expected, Bbom-Gabi”, “Bbom-ssang Bbom-sa”, “She’s so cute and funny”, “Show me your bbomㅋㅋ”, “Why can’t you enjoy it? Show me your bbom”, “I want to get a lesson from the lovely Gabi”, “She’s so kind”

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