A member of a legendary girl group returns to showbiz 4 years after her gambling charges

Shu, a former member of S.E.S., returns to the broadcast industry 4 years after being charged with habitual gambling. 

According to a report by Spotv News on Mar 22nd, Shu is filming for “Star Documentary My Way” of TV Chosun.

S.E.S Shoo

It is the first time in four years that Shu appeared on broadcast since she admitted to habitual gambling charges in 2018. From August 2016 to May 2018, Shu was punished with six months in prison, two years on probation, and a total of 80 hours of community service on charges of habitual gambling after she was caught gambling 26 times with more than 790 million won overseas, including Macau.

S.E.S Shoo

Shu will openly reveal her life in the past 4 years in “My Way” after falling into the abyss due to gambling. Attention is focusing on how Shu, who was a girl group star who has fallen from a first-generation idol fairy and the mother of 2 lovely twin daughters into the abyss of gambling, will express her feelings.

S.E.S Shoo

Shu apologized for everything she had caused on her SNS in January. At the time, she said, “For four years, I worked at a side dish store, sold clothes at Dongdaemun Market, and worked at an acquaintance’s restaurant,” adding, “I have been living with sincere self-reflection for four years. It was a time for me to look back on myself to see if I deserved to be loved again. Even though I’m late, I’ll do my best not to let you down again.”

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