A guide to become the trusted leaders of groups under Big 4 Kpop Entertainment companies: YG vouches for talent while HYBE relies on members’ voting 

Each agency has their different ways to pick out the leaders for their groups. 

red velvet irene itzy yeji
Entertainment companies have different ways to choose a leader for a group. (Image: Pinterest)  

JYP selects trainee with the longest terms 

At JYPE, the leaders are chosen based on their years of training at the company, which applies to most of the groups under JYP such as GOT7, TWICE and Stray Kids. From the company’s perspective, long-term training cultivates sufficient abilities and courage to face hardship. 

JYP leaders have a long time training at the company. (Image: Kpopping) 
These members are believed to have enough experience and ability to make a leap in difficult times. (Image: Allkpop) 

At the fourth generation of JYP idols, changes are made so that leaders are selected based on suitability rather than long-term stay. In ITZY, Chaeryeong is the most long-term trainee but Yeji was, in fact, the leader. 

JYP is slowly abandoning the tradition of choosing leaders through seniority. (Image: Kpopping)  

SM entrusts the eldest with responsibility 

SM stans discover that SM has a tendency to choose the oldest members to lead the group. The startling coincidence occurred in earlier groups such as Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, Red Velvet to aespa. 

snsd taeyeon
SM groups’ leaders are the oldest members. (Image: Kpopping) 
Red Velvet Irene Genie Music Awards 2022
The age difference is considered to increase credibility of the leader to the following members. (Image: Pinterest) 

The oldest members have a higher success of keeping their group in line as Korea has a strict age hierarchy where the seniors are always respected by the juniors. Notably, leaders are granted the privilege to discuss the concepts for the group’s comebacks and have their separate rooms on overseas schedules. 

SM leaders receive several privileges to other members. (Image: Naver) 

Daring and talent characterize YG leaders 

YG has a strategy of choosing talented and capable leaders for their group. Some YG group leaders can take up the central producing role and participate in every stage of production. They are also capable of singing, dancing and rapping. 

G-Dragon is the shiniest example of a respectable YG leader. (Image: AllKpop)
The company’s leaders have both talent and daring.
treasure thumbnail
YG chose two leaders for TREASURE, Hyunsuk and Jihoon based purely on talent. (Image: Pinterest) 

HYBE holds member assessment for leadership 

HYBE gains popularity of their group leaders for no common points between them nor a fixed strategy in choosing one. 

BTS thumbnail
HYBE does not have a single fixed rule to choose a leader. (Image: Allkpop) 

Bang Shi Hyuk reveals that the members that are certain to debut will assess each other to choose a suitable leader after moving in a common dorm. 

BTS RM thumbnail
The company holds assessments to find the suitable leader. (Image: Kpopping) 

Beomgyu (TXT) shared in a fansign about the trial stage of being a leader. Each member would have a chance at the role and give out scores to pick out the most excellent leader. The company also believes it will be extremely burdening for the oldest member to be the leader of the group. 

The members vote for the leader of their choosing. (Image: Kpopping) 
Despite the lack of seniority or experience, the members’ trusts prove them capable of the role. (Image: OSEN) bigb

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