A girl group member revealed her old photo amid groundless plastic surgery rumors

On Oct 10th, aespa Winter drew attention by revealing her past photo to fans. 

She said through the paid message service Bubble, “My friend showed me an old photo. I was in sixth grade back then.”

aespa winter

The released photo showed Winter‘s past appearance with pigtails on Feb 2nd, 2013. Winter, who posed with her friend at a karaoke room, proved to be a natural beauty as there was no difference compared to her present appearance.

aespa winter

Netizens showed various reactions such as “She grew up just as she was”, “She’s really a natural beauty”, “She has liked singing since then” and “Her eyes are sparkling.”

aespa winter

At one time, Winter had to face malicious comments and public criticism as “plastic surgery rumors” spread due to the release of her malicious-looking past photos.

In the photos, Winter’s chubby face and round nose, which are quite different from now, supported “plastic surgery rumors”. Above all, she was further criticized as it was confirmed that she was sitting in pregnant women’s seat.

aespa winter highschool

However, as plastic surgery has become common, netizens who do not consider it as a big deal comforted Winter, Everyone does nose surgery these days“, “Nose is basic”, “Those who criticize her might have got their noses done, too”…

aespa winter highschool

Winter, who said she had dreamed of becoming an idol singer since middle school, is said to have served as vice president of the school as well as a model student diligently engaged in school dance club activities and school life.

aespa winter childhood

An SM official who saw Winter dancing at a dance festival held in Yangsan City in 2016 cast her. Winter continued to suspect that this official was a scammer until she arrived at the Seoul office building.

Source: daum

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