A famous male idol suddenly caught using NewJeans Haerin’s photo as his phone wallpaper

Recently, the fact that a famous male idol is a fan of New Jeans has been forcibly authenticated, attracting attention. 

Recently, it has come to light that a well-known male idol is a fan of New Jeans, garnering public attention. The male idol forced to be a New Jeans fan is Liu Yaowen, a member of TNT, the most popular male idol group in China.

liu yaowin newjeans fanboy

In a behind-the-scenes video showing the waiting room of the boy band,  Liu Yaowen was seen looking at his smartphone.

For a moment, Liu’s smartphone screen was reflected in the video, and fans began to look for the original picture on the screen by enlarging the video.

newjeans hanni

As a result, fans found out it was a photo of Haerin, a member of Kpop girl group, NewsJeans. This news immediately caught netizens’ attention.

At one time, the number 1 search term on Weibo was Liu Yaowen’s wallpaper and Haerin was the 3rd.

liu yaowin newjeans fanboy

Meanwhile, Liu Yaowen is not the first overseas star to reveal himself to be a fan of NewsJeans. Not long ago, pop star Charlie Puth also garnered a lot of attention by verifying that he was watching the ‘attention’ Music Bank stage fancam video in his Instagram story.

Source: insight

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