Former IZ*ONE members shared the frame: Sakura’s intimate gaze for Wonyoung debunked rumors of feud 

The unexpected reunion of IZ*ONE members drew the attention of the audience on Music Bank. 

ive le sserafim
IVE and LE SSERAFIM are sensational names at this moment. (Image: Mnet, Pinterest) 

On the 28th, LE SSERAFIM promoted their new comeback “”ANTIFRAGILE” on Music Bank where the members did an interview with the show host Wonyoung. It was also a small, unplanned reunion of three former IZ*ONE members, Wonyoung, Sakura, Chaewon along with Yunjin – a fellow former Produce 48 contestant, leaving fans stunned in their shared appearance on the show. 

jang won young sakura
LE SSERAFIM performed on Music Bank. (Image: YouTube KBS WORLD TV) 

During their interaction, fans were drawn to how Sakura looked at Wonyoung. The Japanese-origin idol expressively showed her adoration for Wonyoung as she was smiling while looking at the IVE member. The event debunked rumors of a feud between the two. 

jang won young sakura
The moment Wonyoung was in the same frame as Sakura, Chaewon and Yunjin. (Image: YouTube KBS WORLD TV)

The source of rumors dated back to the incident between Wonyoung and Sakura during their times in IZ*ONE. When the group was greeting the media and fans, Wonyoung was suspected of pushing and glaring at Sakura. At the time, Wonyoung came into a rain of criticism. In response, fans came to defend that it was only a misunderstanding. 

jang won young sakura
The moment that sparked the controversy of rude behavior display between Wonyoung and Sakura. (Image: New Stars) 
jang won young sakura
The public was under the impression that these two members were not pleased with each other. (Image: Naver) 

After “Produce 48”, Wonyoung ranked first while Sakura came in second. The duo became the prominent members in IZ*ONE. During these group activities, some netizens believed there were secret competitions as they were going for the center position. 

jang won young
Wonyoung landed the top position after “Produce 48”. (Image: Jang Wonyoung Instagram) 
Sakura still got her share of popularity despite being second.

Following IZ*ONE’s disbandment, each member had their own route to take. Wonyoung became an “Ace” in IVE while Sakura and Chaewon had an unexpected transformation as the most active duo uner HYBE. 

Wonyoung’s appearance is highly regarded in IVE formation. (Image: Allkpop) 
le sserafim thumbnail
Sakura was called to train under HYBE and became a visual for LE SSERAFIM. (Image: Kpopping) 

The look that Sakura gave Wonyoung somehow cleared all the misunderstanding surrounding their relationship. Moreover, fans believed they were secretly supporting each other. 

jang won young sakura

Source: Kenh14

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