6 Kpop idols considered to be all-rounders of the 4th generation

These members from 4th generation Kpop groups are said to be all-rounders with outstanding visuals and talents.

Since their trainee days, Kpop idols have to work on all aspects and improve their skills as well as visuals to shine in the highly competitive Kpop world. This is extremely true in the 4th generation of Kpop, and below are some notable all-arounds of this generation.

ive - le sserafim
4th generation Kpop idols considered to be all-rounders 

LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha is among the most outstanding idols in the 4th generation. In fact, she became the talk of town ever since debut, and shocked many netizens with various prestigious awards in the field of ballet. 

Kazuha has impressed netizens ever since debut with her outstanding profile.

Now that she’s actively promoting as a member of LE SSERAFIM, this Japanese member continues to draw attention with her visuals, perfect physique, stable singing, rapping, and dancing skills. In addition, Kazuha is also showing potential in the fashion realm.

Kazuha can take over any position in her group.
The female idol is also showing potential in the fashion realm.

Another all-rounder of Kpop’s 4th generation is none other than IVE’s Ahn Yujin. Back when she was a member of IZ*ONE, Yujin already stood out with her talents in hosting, singing, dancing, and also rapping. Now, she’s also working with various luxury fashion brands, opening up bright prospects for the future. 

ive yujin
IVE’s Yujin can sing, dance, and rap.
ive yujin
She’s also an excellent MC for various shows and programs.
ive yujin
And is now among the most prospective Gen 4 idols when it comes to fashion resources. 

(G)-IDLE’s Soyeon is a must-have entry when it comes to all-rounder Kpop idols. Alongside dancing, rapping, and singing, Soyeon is also an excellent music producer and composer, and has written many hits for her own group. Furthermore, Soyeon has become the only 4th gen female Kpop idol to ever become a judge at a survival show. 

Soyeon is a top-notch music producer and song composers who has written numerous hits
The female idol was also a judge of the survival show “My Teenage Girl”

ITZY’s Yeji has attracted a lot of attention since her debut for her outstanding talents and eye-catching cat-like visuals. Not only does she sing well and always sound stable on stage, she is chosen as one of the best dancers among 4th generation idols. At one point, she took so much spotlight in ITZY that the group was even called “Yeji and friends”.

TXT’s Yeonjun is labeled a “legendary trainee” of HYBE Labels. He is incredibly versatile and can take on different positions in the group. Like Yeji, Yeonjun is also famous for being one of the best 4th gen dancing idols.

Stray Kids’ Han is a highly appreciated composer aside from his main job of being an idol. He also attracts fans thanks to his handsome looks, great performances, and outstanding talents. 

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