A top actress who shows different visuals in her teens, 20s, and 30s, is drawing attention for her growth

Actress Lee Da Hae debuted at the age of 18, is steadily promoting, and never failed to bring different vibes in different stages of her life.

There are stars who debuted at a young age and have been active for a long time and have been loved for a long time. These celebrities got the public knowing their faces from early on, and will show their fans the process of growing up.

lee da hae

In the midst of this, attention is being focused on the current situation of an actress who made her debut in her teens and is now approaching her 40s, and it is none other than actress Lee Da Hae.

After a long time of no appearance, Lee Da Hae became a regular cast member on the SBS FiL & SBS M’s beauty entertainment program “Beautiful” (literal translation), which was first broadcasted on October 12th. 

lee da hae

This is Lee Da Hae’s first appearance on regular broadcast in 4 years, after the drama “Nice Witch”, which finished airing in 2018. 

When Lee Da Hae, who had been inactive for a while, reported on her current situation, fans focused on the actress’ slightly different atmosphere.

In particular, Lee Da Hae, who boasted a slender figure and innocent beauty in the past, now flaunts slightly plump cheeks and clearer eyes.

lee da hae

Unlike her past naive and simple image, Lee Da Hae now exudes a splendid and alluring aura.

Lee Da Hae, who had a fresh and lively appearance in the past, swept through various romantic comedy works during her 20s.

In 2004, she took on the female lead role in the MBC daily drama “Lotus Flower Fairy”, and in 2005, she gained huge popularity after appearing on the SBS drama “My Girl”. 

lee da hae

Immediately after her debut, Lee Da Hae, who received favorable reviews for her acting skills that was unlike a rookie, actually entered the entertainment industry through the National Chunhyang Selection Competition.

In 2001, at the age of 18, Lee Da Hae was elected Miss Chunhyang Jin in the 71st National Chunhyang Contest.

Lee Da Hae, who was a minor at the time, drew attention by proving her beauty with a fresh feeling and lovely charm.

lee da hae

Netizens couldn’t help but be amazed at Lee Da Hae’s beauty, which seems to be getting prettier over time.

One the other hand, Lee Da Hae is in a public relationship with singer Seven (39), who is of the same age.

The two officially admitted their relationship in 2016 and have been lovingly nurturing a romance for seven years.

Lee Da Hae

In 2020, Seven appeared on the MBN program “Eat More” and showed respect and affection for Lee Da Hae, saying, “She is mature and polite. While we are of the same age, I have a lot to learn from her. She makes me think that I should do well.”

In January of this year, the couple appeared together on the MBC program “Omniscient Interfering View” and showed off their sweet chemistry.

Source: insight

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