6 K-dramas with high ratings in Korea but “flop” in the international market

In addition to the series of Korean dramas that go viral among international viewers but record miserably low viewership ratings in their home country, there are also dramas that go through an opposite situation. Despite achieving high ratings domestically, the following 6 Korean dramas released in 2021 fail to attract a large number of viewers overseas. 

1. Hong Chun Gi 

Continuously recording decent ratings ranging from 8-10%, Hong Chun Gi is one of the dramas that have garnered the most attention in Korea at the moment. With an appealing, well-written plot and a talented cast including Kim Yoo Jung, Ahn Hyo Seop, Hong Chun Gi was the most anticipated historical drama in 2021. However, Hong Chun Gi did not get many promotions in the international market, thereby could not become as well-known to foreign viewers as some other dramas broadcast at the same time like Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.

2. One The Woman

One The Woman barely appears in the hot topics of discussion among international fans of Korean dramas. However, in Korea, although the drama has only broadcast more than half of its episodes, One The Woman has recorded an impressive 2-digit rating of up to 15%. This is also one of the series about the elite that went viral among Korean viewers this year, second only to the hit The Penthouse: War In Life

3. River Where the Moon Rises

Experiencing the same situation as her friend Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun’s period drama River Where the Moon Rises also did not achieve much success internationally. The drama used to be quite popular among foreign viewers on social media platforms and online communities, but after the male lead got replaced following the scandal of actor Ji Soo, the global audience apparently lost interest in the drama.

4. Love

Possessing a high rating of 16.6%, Love is the Korean drama with the highest rating in the history of TV CHOSUN and ranked 8th in the list of dramas with the highest rating of all time by Korean cable stations. The main reason why this Korean drama did not win the hearts of international audiences is probably that the cast is not well known among foreign fans.

5. Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver is also quite appealing, with a rating of up to 16 percent. Despite possessing an incredibly intense storyline, Taxi Driver still “flops” confusingly in the international market. Is it because stars such as Lee Je Hoon, Esom, and Pyo Ye Jin aren’t famous enough to attract international audiences?

6. The Veil

Despite being constantly praised by Korean netizens in online forums or owning a rating of up to 9.8%, The Veil still does not receive much attention in the global market. Except for the sexy images of Nam Goong Min being shared widely, the content of The Veil also failed to attract international fans.

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