Former AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko was sued for cheating with a married CEO of a tourism company 

She was accused of “cheating” her husband and “neglecting” her family.

It was reported that female singer Shinoda Mariko, former AKB48 member, is being sued and demanded compensation by her husband for cheating. The married couple is in the process of negotiating divorce and fighting for custody over their child. 

Shinoda Mariko
Shinoda Mariko’s husband sued the singer for adultery and demanded compensation 

Her husband filed a lawsuit against her for adultery and violated the marriage and family law. It was said that Mariko’s love affair was a CEO of a tourism company and had a wife and two sons. Mariko’s husband said the singer frequently lied and cheated on him in the CEO’s private apartment. 

Before filing for a lawsuit, Shinoda Mariko’s husband has many times demanded her to stop the extramarital activities to maintain the happiness of the family. Nonetheless, Shinoda Mariko not only declined but also “neglected” her family to get together with her lover. Shinoda Mariko’s husband affirmed he had clear evidence and was ready to release them at any moment. 

Shinoda Mariko
The former AKB48 member had a marriage with a businessman who was younger than her and a small daughter 

According to the allegations from her husband, Shinoda Mariko refuted the claims and said the public should not hear from one side only. She also denied having an affair with the CEO of the tourism company and said they were indeed together but only for work. Her assistant was also there. Moreover, Shinoda Mariko said that her husband is a “jealous” and “overly controlling” person. 

Shinoda Mariko was born in 1986 and works as a model, actress, singer and fashion designer. She joined the entertainment industry in 2006 and was a central member of the largest idol group in Japan AKB48. Shinoda was a member of Kami7 and graduated AKB48 in July, 2013. In 2019, she got married to a businessman, who was 3 years younger, after 1 year of dating. The couple sparked feelings for each other after several meetings with friends. Shinoda was proposed on the pair’s first date. 

Shinoda Mariko
Shinoda Mariko was a member of Japanese idol group AKB48, generation 1.5, with her as team captain of team A 

Source: Bunshun Online, NHK Japan.

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