Goo Hye Sun succeeded in dieting, “I’ve removed all the burdensome fat that attached to my whole body”

On December 26th, Goo Hye Sun posted several photos on Instagram with the caption, “I removed all the burdensome fat (hardships) that had attached to my whole body since last summer”.

In the released photos, Goo Hye Sun shows off her sharp facial features. She caught the eyes of netizens with her slim necklines and sharp jawlines, proving her doll-like beauty as a former ulzzang.

goo hye sun instagram

Earlier, Goo Hye Sun drew attention with her chubby appearance at the 27th Chunsa Film Art Festival red carpet event held in September. At that time, the actress confessed, “I gained weight because I was a little exhausted recently.”

Meanwhile, on December 25th, Goo Hye Sun denied the allegation that the statement leaked during her divorce process was fake. She said, “The article that claims my leaked statement is false is simply fake news”, adding “That YouTuber is judged as not guilty as what he did is not enough to be punished for defamation. I’m very sorry that I couldn’t find the way the statement was leaked as it was a long time ago.”

goo hye sun instagram

Goo Hye Sun submitted a statement based on actress A’s opinion during the process of divorcing from Ahn Jae Hyun, saying “Ahn Jae Hyun made physical contact with B, and had an affair”.

In this regard, a Youtuber raised suspicions that the document was fake as it lacked the proper form of signature and seal of the affidavit. Later, Goo Hye Sun sued him for defamation, but the prosecution concluded that there was no charge after three months of investigation.

Goo Hye-sun

Source: Nate

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