5 non-romantic relationships on the Korean screen that receive strong support from fans

Some don’t even have a loveline, but the couples below still receive great support when they appear together, sometimes even more than the main couple.

Ji Woong – Seung Wan (Twenty Five, Twenty One)

Anyone who is watching Twenty Five, Twenty One will definitely think of this young couple. Although the two couples Hee Do – Yi Jin and Ji Woong – Yu Rim are so cute to watch and captivating, viewers still enjoy the scenes of Ji Woong and Seung Wan, mainly because they are both too cute. 

twenty five twenty one

The two are childhood friends who study in the same class and understand each other very well. It is because of this completely pure and love-free friendship that viewers like Ji Woong and Seung Wan even more. 

twenty five twenty one

Seung Wan says that she always finds life boring, but being with Ji Woong never feels that way. These two are both cute and funny, so it’s hard not to like them. Some even like this couple as much as the main ones. 

Mi Jo – Chan Young (Thirty Nine)

Another couple that may have the largest numbers of supporters in Thirty Nine even though they never become a couple is the beautiful Mi Jo and Chan Young. Their friendship is so awesome and admirable, even though sometimes there may be harsh words or disagreements between the two, but above all, they still care for each other wholeheartedly. 

thirty nine

Many think that Mi Jo takes care of and loves her friend more than the lover that Chan Young spent her youth waiting for. It would be great if a miracle happens so that the two could continue to be together beyond the age of 40 and even the age of 50, but maybe we can only wish.

thirty nine

Sae Roy – Soo Ah (Itaewon Class)

In Itaewon Class, although Sae Roy and Yi Seo are the main couple, the number of people who ship Sae Roy and Soo Ah is also quite large. 

Some think that the two bring a more of a couple feeling, from their looks and height, to their charismatic first love story. Unfortunately, Soo Ah’s still just the supporting female and we can’t change the ending. In the end, both of them have their own happiness, and that’s all that we can ask for.

Dal Mi – Ji Pyeong (Startup)

The Dal Mi – Ji Pyeong couple is said to be the most popular in ‘Startup’. Basically, because Han Ji Pyeong is so perfect, it can be said that he is the most perfect supporting actor in Korean film history. He is not only handsome, smart, rich but also very loving and loyal to Dal Mi.

start up

Unfortunately, fate really doesn’t let them be a couple. Although Ji Pyeong and Dal Mi can’t be a couple, I believe they are still the most loved and mentioned most when people talk about ‘Startup’.

Jo Jo – Sun Oh (Love Alarm)

The school drama Love Alarm is so popular that I don’t think it needs to be introduced too much. The most unfortunate thing is that Jo Jo did not choose Sun Oh but chose Ga Ram, while it is clear that the couple Jo Jo and Sun Oh is much more liked. The story and interactions of the two are also sweeter and more heartwarming.

I don’t know if Sun Oh suddenly became the supporting role or if it was the writer’s intention from the beginning, but the two are not an official couple. However, it is undeniable that Sun Oh – Jo Jo is the hottest couple of this work.

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