The experts choose Lisa (BLACKPINK) as the idol who dances the best in the Kpop industry

Lisa (BLACKPINK) was voted as the idol with the best dancing ability and postures when dancing.

On September 24, at AYO TV, two professional dancers Sara and Lee Bo Min chose the idol with the best dancing ability and the best appearance when dancing. Both chose female singer Lisa (BlackPink).

Sara said there are many reasons why they decided to choose Lisa. “She’s very good. She knows how to make herself look attractive, and her facial expressions are also great”, Sara gave many compliments to the female idol.

lisa blackpink

Lee Bo Min added that she had the opportunity to witness Lisa’s dancing skills while working with BlackPink. Like Sara, Bo Min affirmed how Lisa manipulates her body to express the lyrics to help her shine as a dancer. “Her body proportions are beautiful. She is beyond my imagination,” commented Bo Min.

This is not the first time Lisa’s dancing ability has been appreciated. Previously, female singer Hyo Yeon (SNSD), who was dubbed the “dancing queen of Kpop”, chose Lisa as her favorite dancer in Kpop. Hyo Yeon affirmed, “Lisa is very good at dancing”.

lisa blackpink

Lisa often receives compliments from professional dancers. Former leader of dance group Purplow and dancer, choreographer Honey J both chose Lisa as the best female dancer in Kpop. During a live broadcast, Honey J shared, “She dances really well, and she has the ability to learn the choreography quickly.”

lisa blackpink

Lisa put a lot of effort into her impressive choreography. In an interview with Penshoppe, the singer revealed that her mother took her to her first dance class when Lisa was 4 years old.

lisa blackpink

Recently, in an interview with Billboard, Lisa said that it only took her 2-3 hours to complete learning new choreographies. Many viewers expressed their surprise at the singer’s ability to quickly memorize the choreography.

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