5 Korean stars who cut off ties with their family for the sake of their future 

Due to conflicts and financial issues, these 5 Korean celebrities have no choice but to cut off ties with their families for good.

Park Soo Hong – Brother

Comedian Park Soo Hong has been engaged in a legal battle with his brother, who acted as his manager for about 30 years since his debut. It is known that while verifying the corporation established by his brother, Park Soo Hong discovered the shocking fact that the majority of the profits he earned throughout his career had flowed to his brother’s family and nephew. 

park soo hong

As a result, Park Soo Hong filed a lawsuit against his brother and his brother’s wife on charges of embezzlement, alleging that they embezzled approximately 6.2 billion KRW ($5.4 million) of his appearance fees over a period of 10 years.

Kim Hye Soo – Mother

In 2019, on CBS Radio’s “Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show”, it was reported that actress Kim Hye Soo’s mother borrowed approximately 1.3 billion KRW ($1.1 million) from acquaintances but did not repay the debt. Kim Hye Soo later admitted to this claim, and revealed her difficult family situation, saying, “I used all of my assets to repay my mother’s debts from around 2012. Since then, I have completely severed my ties with her”.  

kim hye soo

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Soo’s legal representative stated, “The responsibility for the issue lies with the mother, not Kim Hye Soo”, adding, “However, we will do our best to handle the situation reasonably until the end”. 

Yeeun (Ha:tfelt) – Father

Yeeun, soloist and former member of girl group Wonder Girls, revealed that her father used his status as a pastor to raise approximately 20 billion KRW ($17.3 million) in investment for an entertainment business venture. However, her father was later sued by congregation members on charges of embezzling the investment funds. 


Regarding this, Yeeun appeared on Channel A’s “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” and confessed, “My father is currently imprisoned on fraud charges. I consider him non-existent in my life and live accordingly.” She also revealed that she has been going through a difficult time.

Jang Yoon Jung – Mother

In a pre-interview for the SBS talk show “Healing Camp” in February 2013, Jang Yoon Jung confessed that her mother’s reckless spending had accumulated debts of nearly 1 billion KRW ($870,000). 


As a result, Jang Yoon Jung made a firm decision by not inviting her mother to her wedding with her husband, Do Kyung Wan, and publicly cut off ties with her family. Later on, Jang Yoon Jung’s mother appeared on a television broadcast and shed tears, saying, “I don’t understand why she is treating the mother who raised her like this.”

Kang Min Kyung – Father

A man, who identified as the father of Davichi member Kang Min Kyung, was sued on charges of real estate fraud. This man, along with his son B, who is also Kang Min Kyung’s half-brother, operated a real estate development company and was accused of not returning the investment profits to the investors.

Kang Min Kyung thumbnail

Mentioning this, Kang Min Kyung stated, “Since my debut at the age of 18, I have experienced her father’s unsavory financial issues several times. I have cut off ties with her father and have never been involved in his business even once.”

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