5 K-pop idols halt activities in April due to poor health, fans express concerns

This month, various news of K-pop idols announcing temporary suspension of activities due to health reasons emerged, causing fans to worry. 

According to an announcement from Starship on April 11th, IVE member Rei will be temporarily absent from the group’s promotion for their 1st full album, due to symptoms of rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. 


Later on in mid-April, NCT DOJAEJUNG unexpectedly announced the cancellation of events for their mini album “Perfume”, due to the unstable health condition of member Jaehyun. Recently, the main vocalist of SEVENTEEN, Seungkwan, could not participate in the recording of the group’s stage on music program “M! Countdown”, also due to poor health.


Afterwards, Jun Han of Xdinary Heroes was announced to be taking a break from band activities, after encountering health problems while preparing for the group’s comeback. According to a diagnosis from the hospital, the male artist is likely to have appendicitis and needs time to rest.


Then, on April 26th, SM Entertainment announced that Joy of Red Velvet will not be able to appear in several schedules, as the female idol needs “treatment and rest after examination and consultation at the hospital”, in accordance with the doctor’s advice. Previously, the company also stated that Joy would not participate in the Japan concert of Red Velvet’s Word Tour “R to V”, scheduled at the beginning of May.


With various idols having to take breaks due to poor health, the Kpop fan community has repeatedly warned and called on management companies to seriously care for and prioritize the conditions of their artists. Whenever idols show signs of fatigue or overwork, articles and hashtags calling for companies to pay more attention and treat artists better consistently trend on social media. 

However, although many companies have made more efforts to ensure the health status of their artists, such as adjusting promotion schedules, conducting regular health check-ups, and helping them take care of their mental health, the continuous news of temporary suspensions due to health conditions has led fans to question whether their idols are truly being protected or not.

Source: Billboard

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