5 dating rumors in the idol world that you probably haven’t heard

These rumors surfaced and quickly faded into oblivion, so many K-Pop fans didn’t even know about them.

Jiyeon (T-ara) – Yesung (Super Junior) 

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In November 2012, Chinese media released a series of dating evidence between the maknae of T-ara and the main vocalist of Super Junior.  At that time, both were at the peak of their careers with quality music products.  A series of quite convincing pieces of evidence has been presented showing the suspicious relationship of the star couple such as couple rings, couple bracelets, couple sunglasses, couple phone cases, etc.

Even Yesung was caught while choosing a hairpin in a neighborhood before Jiyeon‘s birthday.  This move sparked rumors that he bought her a birthday present.  However, because both sides kept quiet, the rumor was quickly forgotten.

Taeyeon (SNSD) – Lee Teuk (Super Junior) 

Referring to Taeyeon‘s boyfriend, everyone will think of Baekhyun (EXO), who had an affair with SNSD’s leader in 2014. However, for fans of 2nd gen idols, her relationship and Lee Teuk is the most suspicious

taeyeon SNSD Lee Teuk Super Junior

Rumors of dating between these two popular leaders began to circulate on social networking sites in early 2010. Both at that time often wore earrings and phone cases with the same design, only different in size or color.

As the rumors spread, an SM official denied, “This is just a coincidence.”

Jaejoong (JYJ) – YouTuber Dorothy 

According to Jaejoong‘s share, the male idol once had a girlfriend during the nearly 5 years he was a trainee.  However, this girl was also the one who took the initiative to say goodbye, ending Jaejoong’s young love affair.

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After many years, netizens suddenly looked back at Jaejoong’s past photos and discovered that this male singer’s ex is the famous Youtuber – Dorothy.  She is an ulzzang and used to be a trainee under DSP Media.  Despite breaking up, the male idol still ưanted to keep in touch and be friends with Dorothy.  Sadly, this girl thought that they should not continue to maintain a relationship after they were no longer dating.

jaejoong 24987597985u8935

As for Jaejoong, he affirmed that he will never forget Dorothy and will always remember her for the rest of his life.

Chen (EXO) – Bomi (Apink) 

chen exo bomi 80280808085

When they first debuted, EXO members were very close to Apink.  The two groups often chatted and played games together.  Because of that, there were many dating rumors between them, and the most talked-about couple was Chen and Bomi.

This scandal arose at a time when EXO was on the rise, which had a significant impact on the male idol.  Some of Chen’s fangirls also attacked Apink members on social media.  During a public event at a high school, EXO’s main vocal was embarrassed when a female student asked him directly about his relationship with Bomi.

Jungkook (BTS) – IU 

The youngest member of BTS has repeatedly expressed his admiration for IU, a talented senior.  That is also the reason why many KPOP fans had doubts about the relationship between the “golden maknae” and the digital music queen.  A lot of evidence of a special relationship between the two has been found by fans.  However, a person claiming to be a friend of Jungkook‘s brother in the army caught his attention with his revelation.

jungkook iu 283028940890849842

Specifically, this person wrote on Twitter: “When I was in the army, Jungkook’s brother was my superior. On my birthday, he asked me what kind of gift I would like to receive. As a joke, I told him I wanted to talk to IU on the phone. Surprisingly, he hooked me up with IU.”

jungkook iu 9028490284792794

The soldier’s share has made netizens doubt about the real relationship between the two idols.  Especially the fact that IU seems to be close to Jungkook’s family.  However, the male idol’s brother denied the rumor, claiming that the soldier had made up this story.

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