5 celebrities who have to suffer from their parents’ debts and frauds (Han So-hee, Park bo-gum and more) 

Kim Hye-soo, Han So-hee, Cha Ye-ryeon, and Park Bo-gum suffered image damage due to their parents’ debts.

On March 7th, Han So-hee‘s mother was reportedly accused of fraud. Two years ago, Han So-hee once apologized for her mother’s fraud. At that time, the actress also revealed that she grew up under her grandmother’s care due to her parents’ divorce.

This time, it is reported that Han So-hee‘s mother opened a bank account under Han So-hee’s name when she was a minor and used it to borrow money without Han So-hee knowing. Han So-hee‘s mother was also embroiled in a forgery of private documents following borrowing money using her daughter’s bank account. The series of cases led to civil trials, and the court judged that it had nothing to do with Han So-hee

Han So-hee

Han So-hee said, “I’m sorry for causing you concern with my personal affairs. I’m sorry for the unintentional damage,” she emphasized, “I have no plans to be responsible for related debts, in order to prevent her from using her daughter’s name to borrow money.” 

In 2019, Kim Hye-soo suffered a similar controversy. Her mother borrowed about 1.3 billion won from acquaintances and did not pay back. Kim Hye-soo said through her legal representative, “My mother has caused a lot of financial problems since decades ago. I have never been involved, I know nothing about it, and I have not benefited from it, but I took responsibility to pay her debt.” 

Kim Hye-soo

In 2012, Kim Hye-soo‘s mother was already indebted beyond her full wealth. Because she had to pay for it, Kim Hye-soo suffered a big discord with her mother and they failed to reconcile. Kim Hye-soo‘s mother, who broke off the relationship and has not seen her for nearly eight years, caused financial controversies again, making Kim Hye-soo in trouble. Kim Hye-soo‘s side said, “The mother is responsible for the problem, and the party has to bear it to the end,” explaining that there is no basis for Kim Hye-soo to take legal responsibility on behalf of her mother. 

Jang Yoon-jung also lost all her fortune because of her mother. Jang Yoon-jung gave all the money she had earned to her mother, but the mother spent all her money on her son’s (Jang Yoon-jung‘s younger brother) business. Knowing this, his father collapsed from a stroke in shock and Jang Yoon-jung suddenly owed 1 billion won. 

When Jang Yoon-jung did not give them money, Jang Yoon-jung‘s mother and younger brother slandered her. Jang Yoon-jung had a hard time due to a debt-related legal battle with her biological mother and a loan return lawsuit with her younger brother.

Cha Ye-ryun

Cha Ye-ryeon also became known for her personal matters due to her father’s debt. In 2018, Cha Ye-ryeon‘s father was known to be a criminal sentenced to prison for land transaction fraud.  

Her father was sentenced to three years in prison for fraud under the Specific Economic Crime Act in 2015, and was reported by the media as a “famous actress’ father” at the time. Cha Ye-ryeon revealed that she had not been contacting her father for 15 years since her father’s bankruptcy when she was 19 years old, and she had been paying off her father’s debts. 

Cha Ye-ryeon shared, “I paid off his debt because I felt responsible for the fact that the debtors believed in my name as a celebrity and lent money to my father, and I used all my acting fees to pay off the debts.” Cha Ye-ryeon reportedly paid off about 1 billion won in debt at the time. 

Park Bo-gum was also a victim who filed for bankruptcy because of his father’s debt. Park Bo-gum‘s father borrowed 300 million won from a loan company in 2008 and set up his 15-year-old son Park Bo-gum as a joint guarantor. 

Park Bo-gum

As Park Bo-gum‘s father failed to pay off his debt, his debt rose to 800 million won, and the lender asked Park Bo-gum to pay off his debt instead. In 2014, Park Bo-gum filed for bankruptcy, saying, “I was a middle school student at the time of the joint guarantee, and I didn’t know about the loan,” adding, “I couldn’t pay back because I had too much debt compared to my income.”

In addition to the mentioned stars, Jang Yoon-jung, Han Go-eun, and Cho Yeo-jung have also been under constant pressure to repay their parents’ debts. 

The victims of frauds must have felt unfair and frustrated since they believed that a celebrity’s parents would not have tricked them. However, those who had to take on their parents’ debts because they are celebrities are also victims. They were forced to pay off their parents’ debts as they are their sons and daughters.

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