3 months after his father’s death, Song Min Ho confesses his loneliness, “I want to give up and cry. Will there be someone who can hug the lonely me?”

Singer-rapper Song Min Ho, a member of Winner, left a meaningful message.

On January 19th, Song Min Ho made an SNS post, saying “As I get older, I gain more experiences and overcome failures. People around me got married one after another while I started to like food that I couldn’t eat before.”

He continued, “New encounters are just tiring. Home is the most comfortable, but also the loneliest place. As I have to make many choices, sometimes I just want to give up and cry like a baby”, expressing his innermost feelings.

Song Mino father

He added, “I’m full even with a few spoons of soup. I begin to think parties that used to be so exciting are exhausting because they’re uncomfortable meetings.”

Lastly, Song Min Ho confessed, saying “I’m getting older and getting more wrinkles. As I continue drawing and painting, I worry more about what to draw”, adding “Is there someone in this world who will be my partner? Will there be someone who can hug the lonely me in their arms? Even when I get older.”

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Song Min Ho had a hard time when his father passed away in November last year. Expressing his longing for his father in a long letter, the rapper said, “My dad is selfish to the end. Why were you so greedy to leave everything behind like this? Why were you in such a hurry that day?”, adding “Did you think that paying 10 million won a month for hospital bills was a waste? That’s why you left early. Dad, it’s not a waste at all. I just want to talk to you a little more. I can’t collapse, so I’ll protect everything. Goodbye, dad. I miss you so much now.” 

Later, Song Min Ho once again touched everyone when revealing his “Dad” tattoo.

Source: Daum

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