2NE1’s Park Bom suddenly confessed ‘I Love You’

2NE1’s Park Bom suddenly made a confession.

Park Bom posted a picture on her Twitter tweet on the afternoon of the 18th along with caption “Hi ~ Hello I have something that I want to say today. Love you. I know it’s so sudden but I really want to say this #2ne1 #박봄 #parkbom #bompark #ぼム #朴春

In the photo, Park Bom has a deep-seated face. Unlike the picture which has been released recently, her small face draws attention.

Meanwhile, Park Bom was member of 2NE1, which has been disbanded in 2016. Park Bom, who had been in controversial for smuggling amphetamines in the past, is preparing for comback activities as a singer.

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