2022 VMAs: BLACKPINK – BTS compete for the same category, TWICE and Seventeen are also nominated

The nominations of the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) has created many surprises, especially for K-pop fans.

BTS receives nominations for 4 categories at VMAs

As a K-pop group that has become a regular guest of international music awards ceremonies over the past years, BTS is no longer unfamiliar with VMAs. At this year’s VMAs, BTS gets 4 nominations, including Best K-pop, Best Metaverse Performance, Best Visual Effects and Best Choreography.

BTS and their impressive list of nominations

BLACKPINK – BTS compete for the same category

Although BLACKPINK has not officially returned with a group music product, they have always been a sought-after name. 4 YG girls surprised everyone as they appeared on VMAs’ nominee list for Best Metaverse Performance, the same category with their “rival” BTS. BLACKPINK’s nominated product this time is The Virtual – an AI concert that is becoming a hot topic these days.

blackpink vma
BLACKPINK is nominated with just one promotional project

In addition, the youngest member Lisa also takes home a nomination in the Best K-pop category with her solo debut LALISA. Here, Lisa continues to compete with BTS to become the best K-pop artist of the 2022 VMAs.

Lisa receives a nomination for her debut product LALISA

Taylor Swift and “All Too Well” takes the reign with 5 nominations 

Of course, MTV VMA can’t miss out on the legendary pop star Taylor Swift. Her song “All Too Well” (Taylor’s Version) was all the rage throughout the entire 2021, and “All Too Well: The Short Film” subsequently becomes a formidable nominee for the MTV VMA’s “Video Of The Year”.

taylor vma
Taylor Swift’s nominations for the MTV VMA

Alongside “Video Of The Year”, Taylor Swift is also nominated for 4 other categories, including “Best Longform Video”, “Best Cinematography”, “Best Direction”, and “Best Editing”. 

8-year-old group SEVENTEEN nominated for “Best New Artist” 

To Kpop fans, the most surprising nomination actually falls in the “Best New Artist” category, where Kpop boy group SEVENTEEN was included. The group debuted back in 2015, and celebrated their 8th year anniversary back in May. However, as 2021 and 2022 have been explosive for the group in terms of achievements, and they only recently started their promotions in the US, SEVENTEEN is a relatively new name there, and the “Best New Artist” nomination is suitable. 

seventeen vma
Kpop group SEVENTEEN is nominated for 3 categories at the 2022 MTV VMA 

TWICE’s first English song nominated for Best Kpop

twice vma

Compared to others in the same category, TWICE’s “The Feels” is the only English song. In particular, in the “Best Kpop” category, TWICE will compete against BTS, BLACKPINK Lisa, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, and fellow JYP girl group ITZY. 

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