Jo Se-ho got into a fight with a police officer? “Block the door so he can’t get off”

Comedian Jo Se-ho revealed how he got into an argument with the police.

In the YouTube web entertainment show “Mouth on Wheels 2” released on July 26th, Jo Se-ho revealed his story related to used cars.

When asked, “Which is better to you, foreign cars with a history of flooding or domestic small cars?” Jo Se-ho said, “I’m would go for the flooded car. In fact, I once had a used Mercedes as my first car, and its number of kilometers was a little over 100,000.” He also said that there were many problems with that used car.

jo se ho

“One day, I pulled the seat back and it didn’t come up. So I drove half lying down like an American rapper,” he said. “There were times when the window didn’t come up. I lowered the window to smoke, but the sound it let out was strange. The window then stammered down and fell off,” he said. “The car after-service center only attached the window as a temporary measure. I couldn’t lower the window because it was just stuck on,” he explained.

jo se ho

Jo Se-ho said he once had a scuffle with the police because he couldn’t lower the window. “There was a crackdown on drunk driving and the police told me to lower the windows. They said I couldn’t get off, but I couldn’t hear them. I couldn’t help it, so I was about to get out of the car, but he blocked the door,” he recalled. He then said, “The police officer personally checked that my window didn’t go down and let me go,” adding, “The police also felt sorry for me,” drawing laughter.

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