20-year-old Jennie went viral, but netizens recalled this 19-year-old sexy symbol of Kpop

At 20 years old, BLACKPINK’s Jennie rocked the stage, but a 19-year-old contender may give the idol a run for her money. 

Despite having not appeared on the stage for a really long time, Jennie still managed to go viral for her performance skills. Recently, a Korean netizen dug up Jennie in BLACKPINK’s 2016 performance of “Whistle” at the Melon Music Award, and despite being a rookie with little experience, Jennie totally set the stage on fire. 

The stages of “Whistle” and “Playing With Fire” at the 2016 Melon Music Award. 

Looking back, many netizens can’t help but praise Jennie for being able to exude such charisma at the age of 20. The female idol was able to portray everything and gave off a “swagness” that’s unique to YG artists. 

BLACKPINK was just a rookie at the time, while Jennie just hit 20 years old.
Yet her stage presence was simply insane. 

However, alongside Jennie, netizens also recalled another idol with vibes just as strong. At the age of 19, this soloist managed to become the new symbol of sexiness in Kpop, as well as pulled out consecutive hits – and it is no other than HyunA.

HyunA’s “Bubble Pop!” Official MV

Back in 2011, HyunA was the talk of the town, having released the super hit “Bubble Pop!” and debuting as a member of the legendary duo Trouble Maker. Sexy as she was at the time, it was surprising to learn that HyunA was only 19 years old. Her alluring physique, seductive choreography, and alluring expressions just blew everyone away. 

At the age of 19, HyunA was nicknamed the new symbol of sexiness. 
The female idol was excellent at playing to her strengths and often performed super lit choreographies. 
The performance of Trouble Maker was so daring they can make you blush. 


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